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The Second Communist Manifesto (A.B. Razlatzki)
Introduction for Western and World Readers
Introduction (1999)
Part I: Bourgeois and Proletarian
Part II: Proletariat - Boss
Part III: The Crisis of the Workers Movement
Part IV: Proletarian Dictatorship & Proletarian Democracy
Part V: Classes and the Struggle for Socialism
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Notes in the Margins of History
Turbulence in Social Development and the Stratification of the Superstructure

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The Nature of Property A Scheme for Investigation
The Lowest Phase of Communism
Tendencies of the Current Moment
What our Intelligentsia does not Want to Know
Revolution Arises Amongst the Masses

Introduction (1999)

"This little pamphlet is worth an entire volume!" This was how Lenin, in his time, assessed the "Manifesto of the Communist Party" by Marx and Engels. 

Before you, dear reader, is another such "little pamphlet" with a similar title, "The Second Communist Manifesto." We, the workers of the former Soviet Union, consider that it merits a similarly high assessment. We say this because, by rights, those fighting for the victory of the proletariat will be guided by the ideas of both Manifestos. We began our struggle more than 20 years ago, in the depths of Brezhnevite medievalism, under the cruelest KGB inquisition. Our lot was to be driven underground, to endure arrests, prison and the gulag. This was our "reward" for continuous revolutionary agitation, propaganda, militant strikes and workers meetings. This is how things were under the absolute rule of the feudal CPSU. And this is how they continue to be under the semi-fascist regime of the "democrats," the young and rapacious bourgeoisie. 

Our own broad, practical work is itself a subject for Marxist analysis. Our experience, in particular, has many times confirmed the surprising truth, that "Marxism is the weapon of the proletariat and cannot be handed over to anyone else." And the teachings of Razlatzki are the Marxism of our times; thus it is most profoundly and completely understood and mastered by the proletariat. Outside the proletarian ranks, individuals drawn to this teaching are rare indeed. 

The prolonged, worldwide crisis of the worker's movement can be explained by a single cause; the most profound crisis of Marxism, the theoretical basis, the theoretical foundation of the worker's (please read: communist) movement. But the theoretical crisis cannot be overcome by the party, the International or the class. It is overcome only by the talent, the genius of individual people. Among the most prominent of these are Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao Tse-Tung. Having departed this life ten years ago, Razlatzki belongs in the ranks of these giants. 

Yet you may ask, if these teachings merit such a high evaluation, and they have existed for twenty years already, where are their practical results? Please try to understand our answer. 

The complete and total failure of post-October socialism turned out to be so terrible, that in the world, and even in the USSR itself, it was simply impossible, right up to the end, to recognize how awful the situation of the Russian proletariat was. The principal role in this was played by our communist movement. Today appearing as the most evil, worst enemy of the proletariat and revolution, it, by means of its Jesuitical mimicry, (such as the CPSU and its successors) continues to deceive and make fools of the working class and society as a whole. If the open enemy of the working class, the bourgeoisie, conducts its struggle using the normal means of repression, then our "Marxists," Trotskyists, "communists" and other "friends" of the workers (here we must stress that we are speaking only about Russia and the former Soviet Union) have chosen a different path. Although they are enemies and frequently compete among themselves, they have, without discussion, organized an information blockade, a conspiracy of silence around the ideas of "The Second Communist Manifesto," the like of which has never before been seen in history. 

Among us, the workers (as yet not in all Russia, but at least in the industrial heartland, the city of Samara) there is enormous hope for international proletarian solidarity. We believe that this truly counterrevolutionary conspiracy of silence surrounding the ideas of contemporary Marxism can be broken up thanks to the Internet and other communications media; that is to say with your help. One of the paradoxes of the current moment is that now, 20 years later, these ideas can be brought back to Russia, in order to launch the New October, via the West.

We are happy for all those who take "The Second Communist Manifesto" to heart; we understand that this powerful, living well-spring of Marxist science will bowl you over. 

We must hurry, for no one knows how much time remains before Russia bursts apart in flames. It will be for the worse if the explosion of Russia is overwhelmed by spontaneity. This could rock the entire planet, which is already so very sick. 

One of the classics said, "The less you praise us, the more you can read us." Read Razlatzki! 

We envy you more than a little; you have started out on the right road. Before you lies the possibility of clearly and simultaneously seeing the past, the present and the future of humanity. So, the shape of the coming wave of proletarian revolution in the world depends greatly on you. 

On behalf of the workers of Samara, and those who in one way or another have already sided with us:
G. Isaev, V. Kotel'nikov, A.A. Razlatzki.
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