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Grigory Isaev
Why do the Workers' Committees, the Unions and the Stachkoms Rot? (23 August, 2000)
Smooth Operators & Tricksters in Government (September 25, 2000)

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The 2nd Ekaterinburg Conference

The 2nd Ekaterinburg Conference

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EkaterinburgOn the 26th of August, in Ekaterinburg, the second meeting (conference) of the representatives of workers collectives in the Ural and trans-Volga regions. The initiative for both of these meeting (the 10th of June and the 26th of August) came entirely from below, from ordinary workers who spoke of the growth of self-organization of the workers movement, ever more conscious of itself as a self-directing, independent political force. In free, open exchanges of views the following clearly emerged as crucial.

  • In the eleven years from 1989 to 2000, strike struggles met with no real success. Because they were directed under false slogans with false aims for the struggle.
  • In essence, the workers' movement is today directed by what, at the turn of the century, was called "economism."
  • The principle question of the day has become the question of power. This is why the correct slogans are;
Down With the Communists and the Democrats!

Down With Dumas and Presidents!

All Power to the Stachkoms!

Hail the Proletarian Revolution!

  • The fundamental cause of the defeat of the proletariat is the lack of it mass revolutionary party. The so-called 'communist' parties, existing in Russia, are, to one degree or another, anti-worker, reactionary parties.
  • The necessity of increasing efforts for the creation of an All-Russia Stachkom (A-RS), the fighting headquarters of the strike struggle. In particular, at the conference, the metal-worker, and representative of the independent workers' union "Metallist" at the large plant Uraltransmash, Nikolai Dimitreivitch Koslov - stachkom_ektb@mail.ru, was co-opted to the staff of the A-RS

  • G. Isaev, V. Kotel'nikov

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    The interpreter on the English language - Perry Vodchik

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