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Grigory Isaev
Why do the Workers' Committees, the Unions and the Stachkoms Rot? (23 August, 2000)
Smooth Operators & Tricksters in Government (September 25, 2000)

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WORKERS SELF-GOVERNMENT, WHAT IS IT? Strike Grigory Isaev Samara Stachkom
Grigory Isaev


( or how they pull our legs)

Who would count how many scientists, politics, trade-union activists have already said so much and continue to talk about such, it seems like, important and needed things as workers self-government and work control? Mountains of paper were used, floods of speeches were poured, but.. is there at least a slightest use of all this chatting directed to the workers themselves? No way! To understand that, lets think about the following: why dont our bosses, directors, officials, and administrators talk and discuss self-government and control? And if we glance at our history, well see that slaveholders and feodals didnt think about these topics, too: they just calmly and silently ruled. Really, why dont our class enemies have any problems in solving these questions? Maybe because they have always held the power tightly in their hands? Isnt it the foundation, the only base on which all of the control, governing, and any owners rights and privileges grow?

Yes, this power is the source and the basis of everything! Thats why its just making a big fool of ourselves and of the others to talk about workers self-government without solving the question of power. In reality itll be either empty and naive bullshitting or consciously making the workers into fools. Simply speaking, till the power belongs to the exploiters, we need to drive away from us everybody who pulls us into a quagmire of fruitless talks! We need to drive them away with no hesitation, be they kind-hearted, sincere and wishing good for us guys, or just pretending to be like that accomplices of the bourgeoisie. By the way, the first ones (the kind and sincere ones) we should drive away especially ruthlessly there is more harm from them, sweet-hearts, then from both open and covered servants of the capital!

We dont need that poison that we are thoughtfully fed with by the friends of the workers we need the science of victory, the science of the revolution. Exploiters wont give their power away, for they clearly understand that the one who has it- has everything. This is what we, proletarians, need to realize, too. And we have the one we can follow the example of, we have a brilliant teacher our own heroic history. And if to cut a long story short and to look at the history with the lucid eye, then our most important mottoes today should be: ....

And to bring it to life, its necessary to see correct landmarks, a right way to move towards it, and the mottoes should be:....

This is the way to the real workers self-government, which is completely misunderstood by the friends of workers and which we need to understand. There is no other way to the future neither for us, nor for the society!

Wednesday, May 24, 2000

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