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Long Live Revolution!
All Power to Strike Committees!

The Party of Proletarian Dictatorship. To Workers and Workers' Organizations of All Countries!

To Workers and Workers' Organizations of All Countries!

We send our ardent proletarian salute to all of you who expressed support to the workers of Samara and myself personally in our revolutionary struggle against Russian bourgeoisie. Your support, your solidarity has helped and continues to help us to stand firm against authorities and exploiters.

We shall not retreat, we'll go to the end--to the victory of a new proletarian revolution.

We shake your hands and wish you firmness and courage in your struggle.

Long Live the Power of Workers!
Long Live the Dictatorship of the Proletariat!

The Strike Committee of Samara,

The Chairman of the Committee Grigory Isayev
"stachkom" <stachkom@mail.com>
Tel. 35-32-62

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Glory to the October of 1917!
Long Live New October!
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