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Let us Consider Imperialist War and Proletarian Revolution

(On the War in Chechnia)

War is unleashed and led not by the workers, by the proletariat, but by the administration, that is to say the bourgeoisie. From this alone it is already clear what the attitude of the proletariat must be to wars conducted by its class enemy. As early as the beginning of the century, Lenin advanced the slogan for the "transformation of imperialist war into civil war."

But today, now?

Today, both in Russia and from beyond its borders, passionate arguments can be heard that, so they say, the Kremlin is conducting a just war under the flag of the "introduction of constitutional order in Chechenia." What we do not hear is that genuine order must begin with the storming, by the proletariat, of the Kremlin itself. Let us recall history. For it was precisely such a storming of the Winter Palace in the year 1917 which, in the last analysis, brought peace to a Europe which had at that time already been waging war for four years. Just as then, so too today, only a new proletarian revolution, a New October can bring an end to the many armed conflicts in the world. But for this to occur, the Russian proletariat must be organized for revolution. It must be said, with the greatest regret, that, right now, a class action on this scale cannot be carried out. There are few enough who even discuss revolution. The reasons which explain this tragic element in the situation merit a special discussion.

And to the direct question, which has been asked of us, including by workers, "In the end, whose side is the Party of Proletarian Dictatorship and Strike Committee of Samara on; the side of Russia or of Chechenia?" we answer as follows. If you are presented with the following picture; two Mafia gangs are battling, shedding blood and murdering innocent people, and you are asked which gang you support? (The Kremlin or the Chechens?) Your answer must be, "Proletarians of all countries, unite against the oppressors of all countries!!" This is what we must remember. It is not for nothing that the bourgeoisie conducts war, it is pursuing its own specific class aims which are defined by its own situation. We must clarify that in present crisis of its rulership, in a prerevolutionary situation, the bourgeoisie has a single aim, to distract the attention of the proletariat from the sharpening social problems, from revolution, by arousing in it "national" patriotism. This was precisely how Tsarism acted on the threshold of its collapse, at first in the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-1905 and thereafter with its participation in the World War of 1914-1918.

This was also how Milosevic and the Serbian bourgeoisie acted in their quest for "ethnic justice" in Kosovo. And is this not also how world capital acts in Kosovo, tolerating the slaughter of Serbs and other non-muslim people in Kosovo? Today the Kremlin and the Russian bourgeoisie is acting in an analogous way (and not without success!) and this is what the discussions which have flared up on 'stachkom-inter' and spilled over onto 'stachkomru' signify. Though clearly here, the audience is quite experienced and rather unusual! Here, we have Marxists, communists and internationalists! ...

Comrades and friends, pay close attention to the address to which you are writing. It contains a very precise and specific keyword: STACHKOM (STRIKE COMMITEE)! Doesn't this mean something to you?? Let us not focus on the Chechen question but on the STRIKE MOVEMENT, for that is where the only path to revolution lies! It is this which will decide all the "national" questions.

On behalf of the PDP Council and the Samara Stachkom

Isaev, Kotelnkikov

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